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Did you know that Flat Feet can cause not only Foot Pain such as Arch Pain and Heel Pain, but can also attribute to pain in other areas of the body including Anke Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, and even Back Pain? Luckily, there is a safe and effective, simple yet very effective FDA approved procedure that can be performed in the office in 20 minutes under local anesthesia called the HyProCure stent implant that corrects the arch in the foot and treats flat feet with a 94% success rate. You can even walk the same day!

HyProCure Surgery in West Palm Beach, Florida



Flat Feet can cause pain in the arch, heel, and foot and ankle; but they can also cause pain in other areas and lead to biomechanical problems that can result in arthritis, and the need for pain medications, injections, and surgery. Some of the other areas affected by flat feet as the underlying cause or a contributing factor can be shin splints, knee pain, hip pain, and even back pain. Sometimes orthotics can help but not in all cases.



Flat feet are usually due to a condition called overpronation or hyperpronation, and more specifically a condition called "talo-tarsal dislocation". The talus bone is the bone in the foot under the ankle joint. Its' position and relationship to the heel bone, called the calcaneus, and the motions at this joint between these two bones will create either a high arch, normal arch, or a low arch, causing a flat foot. With too much pronation there is too much motion of the talus at this joint in certain directions. The HyProCure implant is a titanium medical device that is inserted as a stent through an opening to the subtalar ('below the talus") joint called the sinus tarsi, between the talus and the calcaneus, to prevent too much motion, thus preventing too much pronation and therefore preventing flattening of the arch that causes a flat foot.



The procedure is also referred to EOTTS, or "extra-osseus talo-tarsal stabilzation", where the unstable talo-tarsal (subtalar) joint is stabilized with the motion-reducing implant. There is no cutting or drilling of bone, or any fusions of any joints, or the need for screws and plates, which is usually necessary in traditional open flat foot reconstruction surgery, which is much more invasive and has a longer post-op course with non-weightbearing for several weeks or months; all of which can potentially lead to stiffness  and other side effects and complications. The HyProCure stent implant is placed in a naturally occurring space in the subtalar joint between the talus and the heel bone called the sinus tarsi. It can even be performed in the office with local anesthesia in under 30 minutes.



Similar procedures of this kind have been around for decades called an "arthroeresis" procedure where various devices are inserted into the joint space or calcaneus, but due to the innovative shape and positioning of the HyProCure implant it has a better success rate than all the other devices, and is easily reversible if needed. It is used in over 60+ countries worldwide.

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